Game Target Fun Pack


Can’t decide on which game target to get?

Then this pack is for you!



Game Target Fun Pack

Here is a great assortment pack of our best game targets for one low price.

Available in 23″ x 35″ on standard white paper, or in 17.5″ x 23″ on heavyweight paper

Same price standard or heavyweight paper

Printed proudly in the U.S.A.

The pack includes 3 each of the following, for a total of 21 targets:

1. GF-DB – Dartboard

2. GF-BB-C – Billiard Balls Color

3. GF-Arc – Arcade Game

4. GF-Candyville

5. GF-TTD-TicTacDoh!

6. GF-BP – Bowling Pins

7. GF-Fly Arcade


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23" x 35", 17.5" x 23"




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