BakerGlo B34 High-Visibility Target – 250 Pack


Please Note: The computer screen cannot properly display the vibrant luminosity of these targets!

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BakerGlo B34 High-Visibility Target – 250 Pack

This target is a 25 yard reduction of a B27 police silhouette

We designed our line of BakerGlo fluorescent targets for those who want an extra dose of high-visibility on the range.

They are especially great on poorly-lit ranges.

Available in 12.5″ x 24″ on standard white paper

Printed proudly in the U.S.A.

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12.5" x 24"


1 pack/250 targets = $131.00, 2 packs/500 targets = $244.00, 3 packs/750 targets = $366.00, 4 packs/1,000 targets = $452.00


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