B27 40″ Target-Outline

From $0.45 to $1.40


B27 40″ Target-Outline

This target is 24″ x 40″, printed on standard white paper

Outlined for easy viewing

It is 5″ shorter than the standard B27. The silhouette size is identical, but the bottom is 5″ shorter

Printed proudly in the U.S.A.

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24" x 40"


1-24: $1.40/each, 25-99: $0.66/each, 100-unlimited: $0.45/each

1 review for B27 40″ Target-Outline

  1. Paul Stillings

    I like to use this mostly white target for beginning students and some advanced training because I can use different colors to mark their shots, and illustrate patterns they produce. (Almost all colors from permanent markers or highlighters stand out very well.) Shot placement can be corrected or applauded, as necessary. Also, if on a tighter budget, as many companies and law enforcement agencies are, different shooters can use the same target, and different colors make scores easier to grade. (Tactical exercises, not complete qualifications)—Just my opinions and thoughts.

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