Paper Animal Targets

We have paper animal targets for hunters, muzzleloaders, and for just plain fun. Realistic animals, animals with vitals, funny bad animals, and more!

For hunters, we have full-color, large, lifelike images of several different animals, including: Full Color Buck, Bear, Bighorn Sheep, and Turkey. Also, we have a Wild Boar and Buck target with Vitals, which is great for hunting practice.

Although we call them our “Black Powder Animals”, these paper animal targets are fun whether you are a black powder shooter or just using a regular rifle. These targets are printed on heavyweight paper in 17.5″ x 23″ and include: Deer, Grizzly, Fox, Groundhog, and Bison. These come in a variety pack too, with 5 of each for a total of 25 targets. If you are looking for smaller- sized animals, we offer all these animals in 11×17 BakerGlo pads. We offer all the animals as separate pads or as a variety pack as well.

If you’re just looking to have some fun at the range, you must check out our Bad Animals! We have Bad “Hare” Day, Bear Encounter, Rocky Road, Boss Hog, Deerslayer, Nutty McSquirrel, and our two newest additions, Krafty Krow and Bull Shot. These targets are sure to get a laugh out anyone who sees them, and will provide lots of fun on range day.

Are we missing your favorite animal? If so, remember we can always do a custom target for you!