Law Enforcement Targets

If you’re looking for law enforcement targets, look no further than right here. This category is for law enforcement, military, and training targets.

All law enforcement agencies should check out our B21E All Weather Resistant Target. It is used for training and practice in ALL conditions. Printed in blue ink and on 10 point heavyweight paper, we made sure to test this target in our extreme weather conditions here in Florida.

Of course we have all the standard silhouette law enforcement targets: B27Es, B21Es, and Man with Gun. All of these come in a variety of colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, and Black. Our B27E is also available in Purple, Fluorescent Green, and a personal favorite, Multi-Colored. If you’re looking for standard silhouettes with Vitals, we have those too. Finally, don’t forget to check out our B27E and Man with Gun targets in our bright, fluorescent BakerGlo ink.

Along with the standard silhouettes, we have some great realistic targets, modeled by our employees. Check out: Masked Mugger, Robbin’ Hoodie, Machete Threat, and Rifle Threat. Some others that are not as realistic but still great are: Thug, Hostage Silhouette, Door Shooter, and In A Crowd.

For training purposes, make sure to check out: Shooting Tutor Right-Handed (or Left-Handed if you are someone unique), Command Training “Q” Target, Command Training B1 Target, and Command Training/Skill Builder Target aka OSB.

These are just a handful of the targets we offer below. Please don’t forget that we print custom targets too. We can customize any of our stocked targets or design something new just for you!