High Visibility Targets

High visibility targets, also known as hi vis targets, are the new “it” target for the range. With bright colors, including some using our special BakerGlo fluorescent ink, these targets allow you to see bullet holes on poorly lit ranges, or from a far distance.

Whatever your favorite color is, we are sure to have it, including some new green targets, as well as purple. We have an especially bright, new BakerGlo Green B27E High Visibility target, utilizing our BakerGlo fluorescent ink. For a less bright green, you can try out our Green Transitional target. For now, we only offer our B27E in purple; however, remember we always take requests for custom targets, so if you want purple in a different design, we can always do that for you!

I have two personal favorite high visibility targets. They are our B27E Multi-colored target, which includes all my favorite colors. The other is our Numbered High Visibility Yellow Bulls Eye. This bullseye is big and bright and super easy to see! How can you not love it?

If you’re looking for some other bright, non-silhouette targets, be sure to check out our series of command training targets. We have a Command Training B1 target, Command Training “Q” target, and a Command Training/Skill Builder Target (ST-OSB). All three are popular choices, depending on what your needs are.

Lastly, make sure to definitely check out our BakerGlo targets. We have a separate section for them, but they are worth trying out. We can guarantee you will like them! Remember the computer screen doesn’t nearly show the brightness that these targets radiate. They are the best high visibility targets you will find!