Game Targets

We have a huge selection of Fun Targets, it is true. This section just narrows it down from simply “fun” targets to Game Targets, designed specifically for playing a range game against a friend or against yourself. If you have a competitive side, this section is for you.

Our most popular game targets are our Arcade, Dart Board, and Billiard Ball. However, a personal favorite is our Candyville target. The colors really POP with this target, and it feels like I am a kid again when I’m “playing” it. A popular choice around Halloween time is our House target, which includes several spooky ghosts to take out.

Kids and youth will really like our Fish In a Barrel, Alien Game, and Sharkfest┬átargets. These are also part of a unique target pack we offer – our Blast Pack, specifically geared to kids and youth. Besides the aforementioned, it also includes: Arcade, Robot, Dinosaur, Outdoor Shooting Challenge, and Dragons. Will you take on your kids in any of these games?

Along with the Blast Pack, we also have our Game Pack, which includes all your favorite games, including Pinball and Gator (Golf) Range. Both packs come with 3 each of 8 different targets, for a total of 24 targets.

Do you have an idea for a game target that you would like to see designed? Remember you can always contact us for custom targets. We can customize any of our regularly stocked targets, or we can design something completely new for you! There is no extra cost for the design work, either. Contact us for more details!