Fun Targets

Browse our huge selection of fun targets here. We have games like arcade and dartboard, funny animals, monsters, zombies, holiday targets, and many more!

If Baker Targets is known for one thing, it is for our fun targets. All uniquely designed in-house, we have it all! **And if we don’t, we will design and print YOUR custom target.

Games on the range are always fun, whether by yourself or with a friend. We have the classics like Arcade and Dartboard, as well as Bowling Pins, Billiard Balls, and more. We even have a super sweet childhood classic – Candyville. Buy to compete with yourself, or with your friends. And if you can’t decide which game you like best – go for them all with our convenient Game Fun Pack of 21 targets.

If you’re all gamed out and just want to shoot at fun or funny targets, we have basically anything you could want.

Yes, our bad animals are bad, but you also can’t help but to laugh at them a little. I mean, a rabbit ready to rob you? That’s pretty funny. All our bad animals are sure to provide a good time at the range. Make sure to check out our Bad Animal Pack of 30 targets, too.

Check out our Holiday Targets, fun for any holiday, be it Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more!

Also check out some of our random funny targets, such as our Dirty Rat, Caveman, Dinosaur, Robot, and many many more!

You will definitely NOT be bored on the range with Baker Targets!