Bad Guy Targets

Bad Guy Targets

View all our bad guy targets. Great for practicing positive situational awareness. All targets are available in bulk, discounted pricing.

We have bad guys for all scenarios, and from outlined silhouettes to actual people (we use our employees as bad guys, it’s true).

Whether an every day citizen or member of law enforcement, we have the bad guy target for you.

Need to practice for a home intruder situation? Check out our Intruder, Door Shooter, and Dog Nabber Targets (although hopefully no one ever tries to take your dog!). Hostage targets? We have those.

Practice positive situational awareness to prepare for a worst case, active shooter scenario. Be ready to protect your family, neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens.

On the less serious side of things….we also have a lot of bad “guy” targets to shoot for fun. I say “guy” because included in this category are monsters, animals, zombies and more! Who doesn’t like a good Creepy Clown, Frankenstein, evil Witch, or Krafty Krow target?

Don’t forget to check out our target packs, too! You can buy a 30-target bad guy target pack chock full of our worst bad guys. Or you can buy a bad animal pack, which includes our baddest animals such as Bear Encounter, Rocky Road, and Bad “Hare” Day. And finally, don’t forget our Zombie Pack, Monster Pack, and Halloween Pack. Who knew so many bad targets existed?

Have fun shopping and remember, we always take custom targets if you have a bad one in mind which we haven’t included here.