11x17 Shooting Targets - BakerGlo Pads

We offer a wide selection of 11×17 shooting targets, our BakerGlo Fluorescent Pads.

11×17 is the perfect size to carry to the range, and put together as a glued pad, they do not get lost, ripped, bent, or torn.

Each pad comes with 25 sheets of high visibility BakerGlo fun! Our BakerGlo ink is bright, fluorescent, and easy to see, especially on poorly lit ranges. This ink has become a staple of Baker Targets, and our customers love it!

We have made sure to include a variety of designs in our BakerGlo pads, so that everyone is satisfied. If you want standard silhouettes, check out our B27E, Man with Gun, and B21E pads. If you want bullseyes, we have our Five Ball, Seven Shot, Large Oval, Drone, and single Bulls Eye pads. Don’t forget about all our fun 11×17 shooting target BakerGlo fluorescent pads, such as Dinosaur, Martian Militia, Vertigo, Spiders, and Arcade. Finally, we have our line of BakerGlo animals, which includes Deer, Grizzly, Groundhog, Fox, and Bison.

If you’re looking for a variety pack, make sure to check out our 11×17 shooting target BakerGlo fluorescent pad packs. We have a Pro Pack, Fun Pack, Bullseye Pack, and Animal Pack. These are just like our regular pads, with 5 each of 5 different targets, for a total of 25 targets per pack. We can also glue these together on request.

If you want even more BakerGlo fun, make sure to check out our regular-sized BakerGlo targets here. We have even more variety and they come in our two main sizes of 23″ x 35″ and 17.5″ x 23″.

Happy target practice, no matter outside or inside, in a bright place, or a darker place. BakerGlo lets you see your target no matter what!