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Promotional Campaign – Two Ways to Earn a 20% Off Coupon!

Hello Baker Targets friends! Patty here, and I hope you are doing well! You might not believe me when I tell you this, but I am going to attempt to start making more Blog posts to keep you all updated through our website! Today I want to tell you all about two ways you can […]

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Social Media

I would like to start marketing Baker Targets more. It has been a long time since I made any kind of blog or post. One thing I have done is created an Instagram account. You can now find us on Instagram, by either searching for Baker Targets, or following this link: I would love […]

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Our Latest Video

In our latest YouTube video, our wonderful marketing man Jeff takes a closer look at some of our BakerGlo target pads and packs. The video can be viewed directly on our site, under the media page here, or on our YouTube page itself. I love that Jeff made this video because it really captures the […]

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My Top 5 Favorite Targets

Hey Baker Targets lovers! Thought I’d let you know what my top 5 favorite targets are. In no particular order….   ArcadeĀ I mean, it’s just so fun, right? For some reason, I always hit the ducks the best. The bunnies are hard, well for an amateur like me! BakerGlo Martian Militia Who doesn’t love aliens? […]

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Launch of a New Line

The Launch of a New Line Have trouble spotting your shot on poorly lit ranges? Then our new line of BakerGlo target pads are perfect for you. Choose from 21 unique designs, all printed in bright fluorescent ink. Wondering why they don’t appear very bright on screen? Well, that’s because they’re SO bright that a […]

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