About Us

Our History

Our company, The Baker Press, Inc., has been in business since 1968.

Baker Targets began a few years ago as a fun side-project, and has steadily grown each year. We now ship targets all across the country, and even overseas, to Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and more!

Meet The Baker Targets Team

Patty – Patty handles all shipping and custom target inquiries, and is always taking the extra step to make our customers happy. *She also designed and runs this website with 0 experience, not to toot her own horn or anything…

Charles – Proud owner of The Baker Press, Inc., Charles works tirelessly to satisfy customers and take care of his employees.

Denise – Denise is our awesome (former) office manager and (now) salesperson, including target sales! She pretty much runs the whole show around here. We love her!

Carolyn – Carolyn is our superb estimator who arranges all our custom target orders. You will get to communicate with her a lot if you place a custom order.

Heidi – Heidi is our great graphic artist. She designs a lot of our targets, as well as the custom target orders we receive. She is one of the best artists in Orlando and we are lucky to have her on our team.

Debbie – Debbie has designed many of our “fun” targets, from Candyville to Caveman, and many more! We love her work. She also answers our phone part-time, so you may get to speak with her if you give us a call!

Dan, Mark, and Dave – Dan, Mark, and Dave are our extraordinary pressmen. They do a fantastic job at printing our targets, as well as all the other jobs from our regular business.

Check out this video of our pressman Dan printing our Shotgun Target