Our Latest Video

In our latest YouTube video, our wonderful marketing man Jeff takes a closer look at some of our BakerGlo target pads and packs. The video can be viewed directly on our site, under the media page here, or on our YouTube page itself.

I love that Jeff made this video because it really captures the brightness of the fluorescent ink, better than a computer screen can.

Our most popular pad is probably the Man with Gun which is definitely a classic. However, my favorite is actually our new black powder wildlife pack. As Jeff shows you, it comes with 5 each of 5 different animal targets. Everyone loves the bison target, but I like the fox. If you prefer just one of the animals, you can purchase a pad with only that animal, so you get 25 of the same target.

Check out our pad and pack offerings, and let us know in the comments which are your favorites!

And make sure to check out our YouTube channel for more cool videos from our man Jeff!



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